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Single Origin Coffee

Burundi, Rugembe Hill

Burundi, Rugembe Hill

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This is a naturally processed coffee from 450 smallholder farmers in the village of Rugembe, Mutambu county, in the region of Mumirwa, eastern Burundi. This lot is made up of coffee from 450 smallholder farmers in Rugembe village. These farmers typically cultivate an average of 30 coffee trees of the Bourbon variety. Farms range between 1700 and 1800 masl in altitude and farmers deliver their ripe cherries to the central Migoti washing station for processing. The Masenga farmers deliver their ripe coffee cherries to Migoti washing station, owned and managed by Pontien Ntunzwenimana. The cherries are carefully handpicked and floated to select only the densest, high quality cherries, after which they are sun-dried on raised african beds for 4-5 weeks. During this period the cherries are carefully turned to ensure an even drying process, and covered at night or during rain to protect against moisture contamination.


Origin: Burundi

Producers: Migoti

Town/Region: Bujumbura Rurale, Mumirwa

Certifications: NA

Roast profile: light-medium

Tasting notes: Kiwi, white grape, limeade

(Tasting notes are not added flavors. They describe qualities we identify in the coffee. None of our coffees have added flavors or ingredients.)

Processing method: washed

Elevation: 1500 -1700 masl

Varieties/Cultivars: Bourbon

Recommended Brewing: Pour-over, paper filter drip, espresso

Acidity: above average

Body: light

Sweetness: average

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