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Single Origin Coffee

Rwanda, Gasharu

Rwanda, Gasharu

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This natural-processed lot comes from the Gasharu Washing Station in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda, located between Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Natural processing is still something of a rarity in Rwanda, due to the extended time frame needed for drying and limited space on the raised beds. Gasharu Coffee has been producing naturals since 2018; their focused efforts combined with Rwanda's ideal conditions for growing coffee has produced excellent results.


Origin: Rwanda

Producers: Gasharu

Town/Region: Nyamasheke district

Certifications: NA

Roast profile: light-medium

Tasting notes: Blueberry pie, crème brule, chocolate

(Tasting notes are not added flavors. They describe qualities we identify in the coffee. None of our coffees have added flavors or ingredients.)

Processing method: natural

Elevation: 1600 - 2100 masl

Varieties/Cultivars: Bourbon

Recommended Brewing: Pour-over, paper filter drip, french press

Acidity: average - below average

Body: medium

Sweetness: above average

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