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Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopia, Yidnekachew Seleshi Alemu, Guji

Ethiopia, Yidnekachew Seleshi Alemu, Guji

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Ato Yidnekachew Seleshi is a young farmer in West Guji, Hambella Wamena woreda. He started his own coffee business in 2015 fresh out of university. He is a third generation coffee producer, with his grandfather (86) working in the sector for the past 52 years. Currently, Yidnekachew works with 180 outgrowers on 270 hectares and produces 170,000 kilograms of natural dry specialty coffee. 

Origin: Ethiopia 

Region: West Guji

Grower: Ato Yidnekachew Seleshi

Certifications: N/A

Roast profile: light 

Tasting notes: blueberry + madeleine + jasmine

(Tasting notes are not added flavors. They describe qualities we identify in the coffee. None of our coffees have added flavors or ingredients.)

Processing method: natural

Elevation: 1800 masl

Varieties/Cultivars: Heirloom

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