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Single Origin Coffee

Guatemala, Gesha

Guatemala, Gesha

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This is a traditional washed Gesha from Jalapa, Guatemala, produced by Inmer Abel Valladares Rodríguez on Finca Linda Vista, a sub-farm of El Pinal y Anexos. Unmistakably Gesha-like, this lovely offering from Finca Linda Vista is characterized by sweetness and cleanliness, and punctuated by irrepressible florality.
Cherry selection in the field follows a strict Brix meter minimum of 18-20% (a Brix meter is a refractometer for fruit, reading sugar content as a percentage of total liquid tested). After picking, cherry is transported to the estate’s processing site where it is depulped and fermented overnight, and then transferred to one of many segmented spaces on the estate’s patio, or, in the case of special preparations like this lot, dried on raised beds inside a greenhouse for 12-16 days. 


Origin: Guatemala

Producers: Finca Linda Vista

Town/Region: Jalapa

Certifications: NA / microlot

Roast profile: light

Tasting notes: floral and clean with juicy acidity like pineapple and mandarin orange

(Tasting notes are not added flavors. They describe qualities we identify in the coffee. None of our coffees have added flavors or ingredients.)

Processing method: washed, greenhouse dried on raised beds

Elevation: 1500 masl

Varieties/Cultivars: Gesha

Recommended Brewing: pourover, paper filter drip

Acidity: average

Body: light

Sweetness: above average

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